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All of 2018, I put a great deal of thought, inner reflection, and engaged in open discussions with my partner of over 12 years about “what’s next.” My doctoral studies were to be completed in early 2019, my employer was not offering any career advancement opportunities, and as someone who feeds off activity, I had to find “what’s next.”

My biggest challenge when attempting to find out this next step in life revolved a lot around doubting myself, what I am capable of and what I care about. I realize now that is not such a bad thing.

When finding purpose, we all have different passions, desires and ways of impacting our communities. Mine started years ago and continues today. Serving on the board of Phoenix Pride Community Foundation as a board officer continues to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my entire life. During my time with the amazing members of this board, something else happened, the world changed, I wanted to do more.

Closure for a lot of pain happened when 10-years after being discharged from the military, I was invited back to speak about my time in the service, prior to don’t ask don’t tell. During my time in the service, I was bullied almost every single day because of my sexual orientation. In fact, one such occurrence happened overseas when a fellow solider spit in my face and called me a f***ing faggot.

Speaking at the base, letting it all out, to be honest, it was a moment of release from a significant amount of built up pain, anger and hurt.

But again I thought, “what’s next?”

The time had come, some expected it and some did not, I decided to take the plunge and run for public office. Not because of any personal desire to hoard power, but rather, because I see the perpetual dysfunction from elected officials and know there is a better way.

Politics is about compromise and working together towards a common goal of increasing opportunities for the people you serve.

Ok, so that definition of politics is sort of a pipe dream, but at least it sounds good right? WRONG. I do not accept the other definitions, and neither should you. Instead, you should take a stand, say enough is enough and fight to change this ongoing turmoil we all are so sick of.

That is why I am running, not because of any other reason, but rather, to start becoming the change we all deserve.

I was let go from my now former employer because of a desire to make a difference and run for office. This happened via a letter from UPS. This only makes me more empowered to fight for the injustice that continues to occur and never let anyone try to silence the desire to build a better tomorrow for all of us.

The attempt at silencing our voices by powerful special interests must stop. It has and will continue to become more dangerous with time if we accept defeat in the face of such threat to democracy. I did not expect such an abrupt and callous end to 5 years and 7 months of dedication, yet that is exactly what happened. I am hurt but will not be discouraged.

My goal is deeply rooted in altruism to drive positive change that reflects the values we all share together. If you are able to support my candidacy, thank you in advance.

The link to nominate my candidacy is here (for appearance on the ballot):


As an FYI — I am running as a clean elections candidate to ensure voters know I am not accepting special interest or PAC money.

As a clean elections candidate, I can only raise funds from voters directly. If your willing to contribute $5, it would mean we are eligible for a match of $130 once we collect no less than 200 $5 qualifying contributions from individual voters.

Clean elections funding comes from a 10% surcharge on criminal and civil penalties. This is not funded in any way with your tax money (this is often misunderstood, but again, this is not taxpayer funded).

Hope you will consider supporting this pursuit and know your contribution will make such a big impact in working towards our shared vision for the future. The link for clean elections contributions is (yeah, a different link, I know):


Or, if you live out of the district or state, an individual contribution of up to $170 can be made by visiting:


Feel free to visit my website and see more, I have NEVER run for public office before and never thought I would.

But I know we all agree, it is time for the next generation to lead our communities. Our future is dependent upon it.

Thank you much, God Speed!

Ready to join our clean election campaign? 

1. Go to www.progressnow.us (the link re-directs to the clean elections commission webpage)
2. Enter your Voter Authentication Information 
3. You will be directed to the Clean Elections page where you can submit a $5 Qualifying Contribution in support of our shared vision for the future

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