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Hemp offers significant economic benefits for Arizona.

Industrial hemp production offers profound benefits for Arizona’s economic prosperity. Louisiana is already taking advantage of this industry and is the first state in the nation to obtain approval from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). It is time for Arizona to get involved and become a leader in this growing industry. Some of the opportunities include:

  1. Clothing: Hemp fiber is ten times stronger than cotton thereby lasting longer and greatly lowering the use of harsh environmentally damaging chemicals.
  2. Construction: Hemp offers greater durability than wood with lower manufacturing costs.
  3. Health: Hemp oil proteins can make food products with more benefits than soy.
  4. Conservation: Water use for hemp production significantly lower.
  5. Fuel: Lower cost energy production using hemp that will benefit our economy and environment.

Policy Goal

Arizona’s agriculture industry to produce industrial hemp.

Policy Plan

  1. Setup regulatory framework to produce industrial hemp.
  2. Allocate $100 million in grant funding for small agricultural businesses to produce hemp products.
  3. Incentive industrial scale manufacturing of industrial hemp products and create good paying jobs for Arizonans.

This policy plan is focused on growing Arizona’s agricultural capabilities. This new industry will support Arizona’s economic prosperity. It is time we get serious and take action in support of this profound opportunity.

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