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Don’t let it get you down, let it pick you up.

Most of us see things through the lens of success and failure. Some things we succeed in such as buying our first home, starting a family, finishing a degree, or even just getting through the day. Other stuff we fail can include not getting a job you wanted, ending a relationship or falling into addition.

“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.”

General Colin Powell

When finishing high school back in 2001, I failed a class by just a few points and had to repeat it. The course was geometry and required if I was going to walk across the stage for high school graduation. It was the first time I experienced failure. Devastated, hurt, frustrated, angry and defeated were some of the emotions I recall going through. But the desire to finish and walk across that stage meant more to me then re-taking the class. So, I did.

The teacher at the time, let us call him Mr. Geometry, was a retired Army Veteran who always wore the same sweater and glasses with this long string around his neck. I remember him because he was the one that said: “Ryan I am failing you because this is what you need.” Not really putting much thought into it at the time, I realized later how important this ended up becoming. It is important because I am talking about it today.

The last semester of high school was a long day. Because of this extra class, I had to go in early and stay late. Needless to say, this taught me the value of time. At night after class, I worked in a restaurant up the road from my house cleaning dishes.

I did this for two reasons:

  1. My parents pushed me for years on the importance of working hard and earning a living.
  2. I hated not having money.

Although the days were long (and remained exhausted most of the time), I still kept doing it so I could understand hard work and effort pay off. Even today, I remember this failure and value it more now than I did before. A lot of us fail at something, even simple things. But we cannot let that get us down, force us to stop trying, nor change the big goals we set for ourselves.

Failure is OK. What you learn from it is even more valuable.

So many people in Legislative District 24 are dealing with failure in one way or another, even failure of our current representation. Our current elected officials are not succeeding in supporting a better future. One elected official has a 93% bill failure rate.

This is not a personal failure or one that can be accepted, it is a failure of the public trust. When elected officials fail us at such a high percentage, we should take this as a lesson and make a better choice.

The choice is simple: Repeat the failures or learn from it and elect better representation.

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