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Policy reform to improve the dignity of work for Arizonans.

We often debate the need to increase minimum wage, which is vital for our economic future; but overlook the importance of basic workplace attributes such as meal and rest breaks.

Meal Breaks

Only 20 states require any meal breaks. California, Colorado, New Hampshire, North Dakota and Washington require 1/2 hour within five hours of work. Connecticut and Delaware require ½ hour after first 2 hours and before last 2 hours for employees who work 7½ consecutive hours or more. Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Vermont and West Virginia all have laws about meal breaks. In the other 30 states, employers are allowed to starve you (Source).

Rest Breaks

Only nine states require any rest breaks. California, Colorado, Kentucky, Nevada, Oregon and Washington require 10 minute breaks for every 4 hours of work. Minnesota and Vermont require reasonable bathroom breaks. Illinois also has rest break requirements but only for hotel attendants. All of these states also require meal breaks (Source).


No Arizona law requires private employers to provide meal or rest breaks to employees (Arizona Industrial Commission).

Legislative District 24 (as of 2016) has a population of 225,151. Here is the breakdown by occupation:

  • Management, Business, and Financial Operations Occupations 18,152
  • Professional and Related Occupations 25,056
  • Healthcare Support Occupations 1,906
  • Protective Service Occupations 2,132
  • Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations 10,351
  • Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance Occupations 7,849
  • Personal Care and Service Occupations 4,675
  • Sales and Related Occupations 13,091
  • Office and Administrative Support Occupations 15,912
  • Farming, Fishing, and Forestry Occupations 381
  • Construction, Extraction, and Maintenance Occupations 8,931
  • Production Occupations 4,087
  • Transportation and Material Moving Occupations 5,871
  • Total 118,394

We often spend more time at work than we do with our families and friends. There is no reason why workplaces cannot offer reasonable levels of dignity to promote positive outcomes.

Service Industry Employees Bill Of Rights

Employers with 200 or more employees should be expected to offer a comfortable workplace. Expecting maximum performance without reasonable conditions cannot be tolerated.

Every workplace should provide safe working conditions.

  • Employees must be allowed a 10-minute break for every 4-hours worked.
  • Employees who work 5-hours or more be allowed at least a 30-minute meal break.

Every workplace should provide work life balance.

  • Employees must be provided with a day of rest break (24-hours), every calendar week.
  • Employees must be provided with 14-paid days off per calendar year.
  • Employees must be provided with 6-paid sick days per calendar year.

Every workplace should provide dignity of work.

  • Employees must be treated with respect.
  • Employees must be treated equally.
  • Employees must be provided with a safe space to be successful.
  • Employees must not be discriminated against.


There is a clear need to identify adequate enforcement measures for such proposal. It is important that employers are offered an option for either ensuring this Employee Bill of Rights is offered, or refuse and not obtain any transaction privilege tax exemptions as a result. It all goes back to choice! Of which, there will be one.


As your next State Senator, I will fight to codify this into State Law. This policy plan is important to promote the safety, life and dignity of work.

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