- State Senate Candidate -

I support America’s Goals. I pledge to advocate for these goals, and work to achieve these targets in Arizona by 2030 or sooner.

Arizona needs bold action and change right now. Current elected officials are not addressing the real issues people face and I support making sure Arizonans know where I stand.

Good Jobs

1.a 100% of jobs pay a livable wage for all job seekers
1.b Paid family, vacation and sick leave for 100% of jobs
1.c Protect labor rights and increase worker representation

Affordable Quality Healthcare

2.a Universal, affordable health coverage with a cap on out-of-pocket expenses
2.b Life expectancy of at least 84 years
2.c End hunger for 100% of households

Investing in Children

3.a 100% completion of quality K-12 education
3.b Path to higher education, including technical training, without debt for 100% of students
3.c Early childhood education and services for 100% of children

Empowering People Over Special Interests

4.a Limit corporate special interest spending in politics
4.b At least 70% voter participation and fair legislative districts
4.c Personal control for everyone over their private online data

Equal Opportunity for All

5.a Equal pay for equal work regardless of gender or race
5.b End mass incarceration
5.c Freedom from ethnic and racial profiling for everyone

Sustainable Infrastructure, Resilience, and Innovation

6.a 100% of roads, bridges, railways, airports, seaports, levees, and dams in good repair
6.b Plans to make every community resilient against natural disasters
6.c Enhance scientific research and technological capabilities

Clean Air, Water, and Energy

7.a All new energy investments in clean, safe energy
7.b Clean air and water for every community
7.c Big polluters pay 100% of damages from pollution


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1. Go to www.progressnow.us (the link re-directs to the clean elections commission web page)
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3. You will be directed to the Clean Elections page where you can submit a $5 Qualifying Contribution in support of our shared vision for the future

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