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The 2020 election is just getting started. Since January 1st of 2019, I have been preparing every single day to become your next State Senator. The campaign team and I knocked on over 2,000 doors, raised money from over 100 small donors like yourself, and continue to push forward with our positive message for change. It is such an honor to engage with voters in our district and hear so many powerful stories.

I learned a lot about the real struggles people go through daily. I talked with a teacher who works four jobs but is so passionate about teaching that she cannot give it up for anything in the world. She asked me to promise that I would fight for the next generation so they would not have to do the same. 

I talked with the mother of a Veteran who went to the middle east and struggles with PTSD.  She told me that he feels stigmatized by the thought of having a mental health issue and will not get the help he needs.  She made me promise to find better ways to reach out to Veterans like her son. I know first hand how this feels since this was a struggle of mine years ago after the military. 

I promised both of them; I would do everything possible to fight for the next generation and my fellow Veterans. That is what matters and is why I decided to run in the first place. 

Throughout 2019, several establishment figures pushed back on my campaign instead of offering words of support for getting involved. You would think that people would encourage you to participate in the process rather than discourage you.  The message was clear, they want the status quo to continue. We all know this is not working for us, especially when our current State Senator has a 93% bill failure rate.

Voters should remember who really owns any elected officials' seat. You do. It is your seat, it is your choice. Nobody else owns it and you decide who represents you.

I cannot do this without your help and support.

Contribute to our campaign so we can keep pressing forward in 2020. Even a small $10 contribution goes a long wayYour contribution is an investment into our shared vision for the future and a way for us to show the establishment we are done with the status quo.

The only way we can succeed to restore funding for education, expand mental health services and support our Veterans is with your support. I promise you, as a Veteran, lifetime member of the LGBTQ+ community and your next State Senator, I will never stop caring and will never stop fighting for our community.

Ryan Starzyk, State Senate Candidate

Ready to join our clean election campaign? 

1. Go to www.progressnow.us (the link re-directs to the clean elections commission webpage)
2. Enter your Voter Authentication Information 
3. You will be directed to the Clean Elections page where you can submit a $5 Qualifying Contribution in support of our shared vision for the future

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